Made by shadows, 2010

Selected images from 2010

56 images with 7 drawings

Black-and-White offset print booklet

80 pages, 12 x 19 x 0.5 cm

Collaboration with Thanavi Chotpradit, Pichet Klunchun and KKELVIN Design Studio

“my eye were blind by the cut of the desire and the possession razor
In the middle of the night through the electric light
was left the edge of the shadow shade
in the form of sensuality fool its reality

as we are the product of social relations as the dishes of the rice
or the mellow fruit or as the reindeer beheaded by the invisible power.

If the night just passed by with no torture
thus the happiness was along the way.
While footstep on rice straw, my journey perhaps would be delighted with obsession,
copulate with inside and outside entertainment together with the echo of solitary sorrow.

We will start all over again
on another manufacturing space under large-scale steel painted with sweet flavor,
thus the resulting products is classically made based on the realistic purpose.
While the moon pass away leaving only the appearance of believe and faith in such the phenomenon
while the light and the shadow near,

I was just listening to the melody of words that uncertainly touch right straight almost through the heart
and imagining of something in the moment of responsibility…then nature set the confidential plan
to release all the spirits from the bitterness painful before entering to the lament night
in the forest and watercourse.”

text by Kornkrit Jianpinidnan

Translation by Grace Jiarpinitnun