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'Elsewhere' begins here and vice versa, 2013
H Gallery Bangkok and H Gallery Chiang Mai

To recapture the lost memories
H Gallery Bangkok

Bang Rak

References of Elsewhere' begins here and vice versa Bangkok. Images from internet of Bang Rak district, Bangkok, where H gallery located. Charoen Krung road, Bang Rak fire station, building along the road, Bamboo bar, Taksin bridge, are the landmark of the district.


Bang Rak (Thai: บางรัก; IPA: [bāːŋ rák]) is one of the 50 districts (Khet) of Bangkok, Thailand. The district is bounded by four other districts (from north clockwise): Pathum Wan, Sathon, Khlong San (across Chao Phraya River), and Samphanthawong. It was established in 1912.


There are two theories about the district name Bang Rak. One theory suggests that the original name for the area which become Bang Rak was written in Thai as บางรักษ์ (also pronounced Bang Rak) meaning village of cure due to the presence of a famous hospital. Through time the Thai spelling was shortened to the current form, meaning village of love. The second theory by Phraya Anuman Ratchathon suggests that Rak refers a kind of plant and there was one of such plant in a canal in the district. Because of Bang Rak can mean village of love, now the district is the most popular place to register marriage especially on Valentine's Day in each year.

Floor plan


List of works


1. Yumeji's Theme, 2013, 4 Color photographs, Lamda print on Plasswood, each 45 x 80 cm.

Yumeji's theme

'Yumeji’s theme, which was shot at the Bangkok location of the film In The Mood For Love _ the colonial buildings on Charoen Krung, Bang Rak district. Hauntingly beautiful, it is almost a homage to the film’s director, Wong Kar-wai, and his aesthetics of slow burning melancholia'


qoute from Of Desire and Dislocation by Onsiri Pravattiyagul,

Yumeji's theme
Yumeji's theme
Yumeji's theme
Yumeji's theme

2. Love and Desire, 2013
Libido, 16 images, Duratrans print, Black teak frame, 81 x 76 cm.
Bond, 2 images, Duratrans print, Black teak frame, 49.5 x 59 cm.
Reverie, 4 images, Duratrans print, Black teak frame, 69.5 x 64.5 cm.
Proposition, 3 images, Duratrans print, Teak frame, 69.5 x 83.5 cm.
Icon, 4 images, Duratrans print, Black teak frame, 83.5 x 59.5 cm.
Obsession, 4 images, Duratrans print, Teak frame, 72 x 67 cm.
Token, 3 images, Duratrans print, Aluminium frame, 68 x 82 cm.
Observation, 25 images, Duratrans print, Black teak frame, 89 x 59 cm.

Love and Desire
Love and Desire
Love and Desire
Love and Desire

3. On Photography, 2013, 2 drawing on papers, Wooden frame, each 25.5 x 32.5 cm., printed text on paper pin on the wall, 21 x 29.5 cm.

On Photography
Installation view

4. Worry and Love (erasing process No. 17), 2011, Color montage photograph, Lamda print on Plasswood on rocks, 120 x 180 cm.

Installation view

5. Worry and Love (with Tada Hengsapkul, Orawan Noyz Arunrak, Henry Tan), 2013, 9 Color montage photographs, Lambda print on Plasswood, each 52 x 80 cm.

Installation view
Worry and Love
Worry and Love
Worry and Love

H Gallery Chiang Mai
List of works

1. I Wish (Supanburi), 2011, Color photograph, Lambda print on plasswood, 16 x 24 cm

I Wish

2. In Limbo, 2013, video installation
72 images in video file, Duration: 15.51 Minutes, Tablet, Teak table and Teak chair
Bamboo forest images by On-oratai Srimit
Paper backdrop images by Kornkrit Jianpinidnan
Video by Pathompon Tesprateep
Music and Lyric by Kurdsook Chonbuppha
Produced by Apirak Jianpinidnun
Recorded and Mastered at T.S.D.C Tai Wang Street CM
The Social Dance Club are
Kurdsook Chonbuppha - Vocal, Guitar
Apirak Jianpinidnun - Sample, Bass, Keyboard, Guitar

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