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collaboration with Disorn Duangdao

Hyde & Seek bar and restaurant, Bangkok
Curator: Supamas Pahulo


We have been discussing about holding this exhibition for 2 years now...

Back in 2009, not long since Hyde & Seek Gastro Bar first opened, a group of us were talking about how wonderful it would be to have art and/or film projection in this space. Ideas were tossed around while drinking Negroni, a subtly bitter cocktail that tickles the nose with a hint of lemon.

We spoke about a photographer named Kornkrit Jianpinidnan, a mutual friend of ours.

I stumbled upon Kornkrit’s work in Barcelona 2005. His dreamy and youthful images of city dwelling Bangkokians were projected on an old church wall. I have been following Kornkrit’s work ever since and I feel he has an eye for capturing human emotion. His delicate eye for nature, understanding and love for branches and green leaves.

Kornkrit likes to share his pictures after he has returned from a trip. He takes simple pictures of regular people in there work uniforms, but after looking at the image a little longer, you realize that it doesn’t differ much from fashion photography on covers of magazines, in pose, emotion, surroundings and color combinations.

After inviting Kornkrit to Hyde & Seek for the first time. We realized there was much to discuss. How to create symbiosis between the artist’s works, the venue and the audience. Setting up an exhibition in a restaurant/bar is a daunting task. There are many aspects to keep into consideration like content of the artwork, communication with the audience and preserving the artwork. The context of the space is not a gallery, placing an object in a space could just be a decoration.

Many aspects were discussed with Kornkrit, mainly about subject because we expected Kornkrit’s works to be photographic. For instance landscapes, cosmos and erasing photography. Erasing photographs are a part of an ongoing theme that Kornkrit has dealt with before in his works, it also seems to mix well with the Hyde & Seek sensibility. Another idea that Kornkrit brought up is using the universe as a theme. I was surprised to see Kornkrit make neon light sculptures The night (2012) which were in the shape of the 12 horoscope constellations, it radiates a magneta glow to the space.

While refining his concept Kornkrit invited many people to Hyde & Seek to discuss ideas. He wanted a fellow artist to collaborate with in this exhibition. One day, Kornkrit introduced us to Disorn Duangdao. In 2010, they had worked together at Jim Thompson Art on Farm in Nakhon Ratchasima. This was where Sublimation (2012) was made. A photograph of the stars with the shutter open for the length of the song Wish you were here by Pink Floyd. This photograph is placed on table #32.

Table #32 is where the artists had there first discussions. It is situated in the outdoor seating and has a wide view of the restaurant. I named this table the ‘Artist’s table’.

Get togethers, fun times and conversations with friends during some nights out might just be the beginning of this spirit(s)/night exhibition. Layers of meaning are created when artworks are placed within a space; the distance between, nostalgia, perception, realistic imagination, numbers and other questions may also arise in the conversations of the night.

Text by Supamas Phahulo
Translated by Akapol Sudasna


List of works


Disorn Duangdao

23.5°, Mirror placed at a 23.5° angle, 48 x 101 cm.
Mirror cut to the same dimensions as the mirror used in the lavatory.

The mirror was then mounted by the artist, in the degree of the earth’s axis.

Sublimation, Printed photograph exposed to sunlight on copper plate
covered with acrylic, 75 x 75 cm.
Kornkrit’s photograph (stars & constellations) left outside to bask in sunlight,
from February till the end of this exhibition.

Distance 356,577 km., GRUNGELB LUM PHOSPHORIS on paper, 22 x 33 inches.
A circle painted using glow-in-the-dark paint,
drawn on the supermoon night.

spirit(s), Mixture of 25 types of spirits, 750ml bottle
A mix of 25 spirits with different characteristics
together to create a new alcoholic concoction.
The recipe’s blend came together after discussing the idea with a few comrades
about each spirits consistency, history and drinking rituals.
(After ordering, choose another spirit from our selection to refill the bottle.)

Kornkrit Jianpinidnan
The context, 2012, 7 images, ink jet print on PVC sticker on glass, hand write texts on glass
image size 15 x 24 cm., glass size 42.5 x 45 x 0.8 cm.
Images from Because the night, 2006
Words from “Universe in the Flower Garden” by Himito Na Kyoto, 2009


The night, 2012, 12 Zodiac signs neon sculpture, size variable


Worry and Love (erasing process) No. 3/06, 20012
Black and White montage photograph, Lambda print on plaswood, 120 x 180 cm.



Day & Night Lifestyle


one pondering upon the place


at the heart of the city


the product of remembrance and fantasy

the taste

through the main matter from mixed renovation


correlating with the trace of the origin


yet remain in honor


from the morning’s dawn to the next


shake by the deep drink of the greatness


always you



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