Born in 1975, Chiang rai
Lives and work in Bangkok


1997 - BFA , Faculty of Fine Art, Chiang Mai University


Solo exhibitions

2020 - ORLANE, William Warren Library, Bangkok

2017 - Paper Trails, Chunpim Printing, 469 (3rd Floor), Phra Sumeru Road, Bangkok


      - The passenger, Cloud, Bangkok

2014 - Ballad Of A Thin Man, 338 OIDA Gallery, Bangkok

2013 - An Interior Appearance, The Social Dance Club, Chiang Mai

- 'Elsewhere' begins here and vice versa, H Gallery Bangkok and H Gallery Chiang Mai

2012 - Deep yellow, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine...Almost Blue, Space 1/2, Messy shop, Bangkok

2009 - In the White Field. “I long for a zebra”, Ver Gallery, Bangkok

2007 - Worry and Love, F Gallery, Hatena Bar & Restaurant, Chiang Mai

2006 - A ghost story, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

2005 - A cigarette end, One night exhibition, About Studio/About Cafe, Bangkok

2001 - Nobody's Home, Project 304, Bangkok
1999 - Eden, Guys Soda boutique shop, Siam Center, Bangkok

1998 - Neo Romantic, About Studio, Bangkok

Selected group Exhibitions

2019 - Moment VII: To See The Lights, Shimmer, Rotterdam

2016 - Roll on, Roll on, Phenomena (until you are no more), Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht

2014 - About Studio/About Cafe MEMORY, Yipinsoi Studio, Bangkok

- WindowProjectIG, Messy Sky
2013 - LIVE AT THE SCALA, the Scala Theatre, Bangkok
Out of Place, Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea, San Giovanni Valdarno
Possession (1), Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok

- SWEET NIGHTMARE, Bangkok University Gallery, Bangkok
       - Sovereign Asian Art Prize, finalist exhibition,
Hong Kong and Seoul

2012 - MONDI, Dryphoto arte contemporanea, Prato

- Retro Ver-spective, Gallery Ver, Bangkok

- Graduate EmergenceNumber 1 Gallery, Bangkok

- Temporary Storage #01, BACC Experimental Project, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok

2011  - Itineraries, 3 Young Contemporaries, Valentine Willes Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur

- Re-Reading Khun Chang Khun Phaen, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok

- Bangkok Density, Gallery Biagiotti, Florence

- Mega Mixed, Udomsak Krisanamis’s studio, Chiang Mai

- Territories of The Real and Unreal, Langgeng Art Foundation, Yogyakarta

2010 - Imagine Peace, Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Bangkok

- Art on Farm, Jim Thompsons Farm, Nakorn Ratchasima

- Ordinariness of artist’s house: a poetic of dwelling, Meo Jai Dee Gallery, Chiang Mai

2008 - CUT2: New Photography from Southeast Asia, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore

- CUT: New Photography From Southeast Asia, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur

- Noppakhunkiri, Thailand Creative & Design Center, Bangkok and Royal Factory Museum, Ban Yang Village, Fang, Chiang Mai

- 1st Singapore International Photography Festival, 2902 Gallery, Singapore

2006 - Melting place, Bangkok University Art Gallery, Bangkok
2005 - Bangkok Bangkok, La Capella, Barcelona; De Markten, Kunsten Festival des Art, Brussels

         - Bangkok Democrazy, 4th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, Bangkok

1999 - As Yet (Unnamed), Not yet (in progress), Project 304, Bangkok

1998 - 14th October, Sanam Luang, Bangkok


Artist-in-Residence Programe

2014 - Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle

2010 - AS YET UNNAMED Taipei Station, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei
Art on Farm, Jim Thompson’s artists-in-residence program, Nakorn Ratchasima



Fashion, Music and Theatre

2018 -Lady Dior As Seen By, ICONSIAM, Bangkok

-On The Waves With, Shimmer,

-Solitude and its Double, Fashion editorial, EVERYTHING Magazine, Bangkok

2016 - LAGOON by GHOST (Annop Musikapodok), visual image for single audio,

- I Wish (Bangkok National Museum), Fashion editorial, ELLE MEN Thailand September issue, Bangkok

2013 - In Limbo, with Apirak Jianpinidnun, Kurdsook Chonbuppha, Pathompon Tesprateep and On-oratai Srimit,,

2012 - SWEET for 34 year old friend,

- Editorial, GENERATION TERRORIST, special issue, Bangkok

- The Reason Why to Pray by Migrate to the Ocean, music video,

2011 - Space O Dizzy, Setting design for a physical theatre project by B-floor and Wangnin Bunmei, Bangkok

        - It’s funky world after all, The Oddyssee Shop, Central World Department store, Bangkok

2010  - Take A Chance by Gene Kasidit, music video, co-directed with Santiphap Inkong-ngam,

2009 - Singing in Bar by Little fox, music video, co-directed with Anupas Premanuwat,

2008 - Saneha by Moderndog, music video,

2006 - Human study no.1, music video, Dudesweet anniversary party

- Kam Paeng by Apartment Khunpa, music video, co-directed with Suriyes Vanno and Christopher Washington,

2005 - Fashion editorial for STREET and SPEED (Bangkok Fashion Now&Tomorrow book), organized by Ministry of Industry, Bangkok

2004 - Editorial for Studiovoice Japan vol. 333
        - Editorial for Huge, hi-end style magazine Japan, May issue
        - Editorial for Eyescream Japan July issue

- Soi Visual Night, Soi Music Festival, installation with live acoustic by Tul Waitoonkiat and Piyanart Jotikasthira, Super Deluxe, Tokyo

2003 - Vaczine vol.1-6, Magazine creative director, Bangkok

2002 - Miss Thailand by Zom Ammara, music video,
2001 - Fashion editorial for Hong Kong Fashion Flash Volume 1, Hong Kong

1999 - SUR-REAL Fashion Show, Event project, Cities on The Move, National Gallery, Bangkok

2018 - लिंगम् Project, with Santiphap Inkong-ngam and Thunska Pansittivorakul, Asian Culture Station, Chiang Mai
2017 - Beg!! Borrow!! Steal!! ‘Borrow Man Fund’, an art auction for Borrow Man Funding, Bangkok

2015 - Before the name, Performance by Francesca Banchelli, with Pier Luigi Tazzi, Wilkinson Gallery, London

2014 - Fictive Community, guest artist of Apirak Jianpinidnun Project, Koganecho Bazarr 2014, Yokohama

2013 - Prelude to Pattaya Biennale presentation, Pop Up Kitchen by Rirkrit Tiravanija, Bauer Hotel, Venice

       - The Hua Kati Project: Thai Culture and Food Festival, Federation Square, Melbourne

2012 - spirit/night, with Disorn Duangdao, Hyde&Seek bar and restaurant, Bangkok

- Tra-Trok, community project with Worathep Akkabootara, Nang Leong Market, Bangkok

- I own you. You don’t own me nothing, Tobias Regberger and Gallery Ver, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju

- Carte Blanche, with Pier Luggi Tazzi, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2011 - Let’s make sense, guest artist of Arin Rungjang’s solo exhibition, Gallerie West, Den Haag

- Thailand Fearlessness: Free Akong Campaign, facebook/thailandfearlessness

- Worry and Love (erasing process no. 15), 3147966 cm3 Mobile Gallery, Chiang Mai

2010 - Breaking out of the Cocoon, Growing out of Rice, guest artist of Montri Toemsombat’s solo exhibition, Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok

- PRISM, with Pichet Klunchun, Thanavi Chotpradit, 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok

2008 - AS YET UNNAMED 1st station, Misiem’s (About Studio/About Cafe), Bangkok

- Chatchai Puipia's A Leg-Up Project, Chapter I: “Count me in”, 100 Tonson Gallery, Bangkok

2006 - The celebration of Vesākha, Visakhapunnami enlightenment room, Sanam Luang, Bangkok

2002 - Pause, Project 304 Space, Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju

Publication and press


2020 -art4d 273 We will meet again

2019 -Prism of Photography: Dispersion of Knowledge and Memories of the 6th October Massacre, collaboration with Thanavi Chotpradit, Bangkok Art Book fair

-Made by Thai, Francine Meoule and Embassy of France, Bangkok, Published by EDITIONS ENRICO NAVARRA, Paris

2018 - SEX, Museum of Unfortunate Events volume IV, Waiting You Curator Lab, Bangkok Art Book Fair

- लिंगम् Project publication, with Santiphap Inkong-ngam and Thunska Pansittivorakul, Asian Culture Station, Chiang Mai

2017 - Paper Trails Limited Edition Files, BANGKOK CITYCITY Gallery, Bangkok

- Poem 8, Self publication, Bangkok Art Book Fair

2016 - PHOTOGRAPHY IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, A Survey, Zhuang Wubin, Page 164-170, Published by NUS Press, Singapore

- I Wish (Bangkok National Museum), Fashion editorial, ELLE MEN Thailand September issue, Bangkok

- Poem 2, Self publication, Tentacles, Bangkok

- Poem 1, Self publication, Virgin Daisies shop, Bangkok
2015 - Krish, Self publication, CEO Books, Bangkok

- Seasonal affects,  Limited edition Photo book, Cloud, Bangkok

2014 - Ballad, Photo book, 338 OIDA Gallery, Bangkok

- A Report from Thailand, Pier Luigi Tazzi, SOUTH magazine, fourth issue, spring/summer, Athens

2013 - TOUR Rainy season issue, Free copy bookazine, Bangkok

2012 - Inconclusive Rhapsody article by Pier Luigi Tazzi, SOUTH magazine, first issue, summer/fall, Athens

- join, 7 sheets of printed catalogue, participate with Vasutida’s LGBT memorial silver ring collection

2011 - Bangkok Density, Article by Alessandra Alliata Nobili, Art Asia Pacific magazine, Hong Kong

- Mountain wind/I Wish, Santiphap Inkong-ngam, HIP free copy magazine, Chiang Mai

2010 - Made by shadows, 2010, Black and white Booklet, 100 Tonson gallery, Bangkok
Tales of Praya Prab Mountain, Interview book, Jim Thompson artist residency program, Nakorn Ratchasima

- Article by Chol Janepraphaphan, Photo Art Contemporary &Fine Art Photography Magazine, Bangkok

2009 - You are around, 2009, Black and White Tabloid, Ver Gallery, Bangkok

2008 - Dhamma Design magazine issue 2, Art director, Bangkok

2006 - A ghost story, Exhibition catalogue, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
The Invisible Man: Leave, Self publication, Color booklet, Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok

My work is visual-poetry based on research, sightseeing and living, the technical and installation variation of the relationship between experience and memory. The support materials, different types of printing, cropping, layout, packaging, chromatic variations and interventions, the positioning in the display space, are all constituent part of the work (practice of ongoing testing and reflection on the medium and its language). I used photography as a fact, truth and reality in the part of installation and publication. Focusing on space-time phenomena, experience and its specific perception of reality, the remix in contemporary culture and history, constructed narratives of existence.